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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How To Hold Paperless Team Meetings or At Least a Productive One

The above link is to the latest blog post from Evernote on using it's products for a paperless meeting. They have some very good advise, even if you do not use their products. In fact, there are some good tip even if you don't want to have a paperless meeting.

One common problem I've seen with meetings is the lack of communication. Sad isn't? After all, that is the whole point of a meeting in the first place. Many of the meetings I attend are so unorganized, must co-workers leave them more in the dark about the subject of the meeting and before the meeting took place.

The big tip in the above link I would recommend is having a company standard template for meeting notes. I have an agenda that lists the key points of the meeting. Take notes of the discussion and assign tasks as required with due dates when ever possible. Most importantly, before you end your meeting, go over your meeting notes with focus on any assigned tasks with every one in the meeting.

Keeping the meeting short, clear and on track is the responsibly of the person who called the meeting. Having a standard template for a meeting can be a very useful tool for accomplishing that.

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